Cigar Box Guitar Background


Musican Playing A Cigar Box Guitar

Soup Hunter Guitars has been building handmade instruments out of other men's trash since 2002. It started with a square solid body electric guitar, moved onto a hubcap banjo, onto some real weird stuff, some electronics, and then it all came back to the last half of the American 19th century.

First, you gotta get some trash.

A fretless instrument dating back to the mid 1800's, Cigar Box Guitars were a staple of many American blues and jugband musicians. Intended to be played with the included bottleneck slide, this Minnesota-made cigar box guitar has a piezo pickup built-in for use with an amplifier. As most traditional cigar box guitars were built, this guitar has three strings, and is typically played in an open major or minor tuning. Each cigar box guitar sounds unique.